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Weather Conditions at Campus

Weather conditions at the Chieti Scalo Campus through the images of our weather webcam.

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The study on the relationship between climate change and quality wines reported on online portals and TV

Data and Sensors

The UdA Observatories network for the detection of meteorological and climatic parameters.

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Our study "Precipitation intensity under a warming climate is threatening some Italian premium wines" recently published in Science of the Total Environment is gaining interest among professionals and...
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Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry
Atmosphere-Biosphere Flows
Pollutants and Health
We study the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere

The observations both on the ground and on airborne platforms are supplemented by model analysis to understand the variations of the chemical composition and physical properties of the atmosphere.


Atmospheric composition and meteorological parameters measurements are carried out continuously on sites of particular interest.
With Airplanes and Drones
Innovative measuring instruments are developed and used to observe the atmosphere on board aircraft and drones instrumented.
At Sea
Observations at sea are carried out to study the role on climate and atmospheric composition of the atmosphere-sea surface exchanges.

We analyze the atmosphere-ground, ocean exchanges

At the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics-Chemistry and Climatology flow measurements are performed to evaluate the exchanges between earth and air of chemical compounds.


Development of tools and measurement campaigns useful for the detection of anthropogenic and biogenic emissions.
From the Ground
Geochemical applications. Search for possible correlations between CO2 flows and seismic activity along active faults.
From the Sea
Observatory for the detection of chemical-physical parameters in the marine environment and sea-atmosphere exchanges.

We develop models for different fields of application

The team of Atmospheric Physics-Chemistry and Climatology completes its observational analysis with the use of different models.


Useful for making predictions, for testing hypotheses or for modeling dependency relationships.
Useful for evaluating the relationship between different parameters (chemical and non-chemical) and simulating complex relationships.
Useful for modeling the current chemistry in a specific site and understanding its dominant processes.

We investigate on interactions between pollutants and health

A frontier activity carried out by the team of Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics-Chemistry and Climatology concerns the study of the interaction between atmospheric compounds and human health.


Study of compounds such as ozone, tropospheric gas resulting from anthropogenic emissions with oxidative capacity.
Interdisciplinary analysis of the impact of atmospheric compounds on the environment and on the health of living beings.
Effects on human health, on human cells, carcinogenic or not, through in-vitro interdisciplinary experiments.

Current Weather at Chieti Campus

Last Update: 06/02/2022 ore 06:30
0 °C
Relative Umidity
0 %
Atmospheric Pressure
0 hPa
Solar Radiation
0 W/m2
-2 ppb
Wind Speed and Direction
0 Km/h da
Daily Rain

Current Conditions at Chieti Campus

Department of Advanced Technologies in Medicine & Dentistry - UniCh

The Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics-Chemistry and Climatology is located at the DTim&O.

The Department of Innovative Technologies in Medicine & Dentistry (DTim&O) was created with the aim of applying innovative technologies in research in the fields of medicine, dentistry and the impact on human health and providing cutting-edge teaching able to train professionals capable of apply the latest knowledge and techniques. Interdisciplinarity and comparison and service to the territory are the further characteristics of the DTim&O department.

Via dei Vestini, 31
Campus Universitario
66100 Chieti Scalo (CH) - Italy
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